Beware The Buffalo Behind You!

“Promptings” are funny things.

 Because of a prompting, I found myself an hour from my house building dog pens in the snow and keeping one eye out for a curious buffalo who kept sneaking up behind me. Like I said, promptings are funny things.

 It all started when a friend of mine went to a funeral for a 10 year old boy and saw my son there. Right there, he felt a prompting to help a friend finish his house who had leukemia. He came by my house and asked if I had a few hours to spare and I agreed.

 So, we drove out to the man’s house and my friend had grabbed two other men and started them on the dog pens and we started on the dog houses. We were building the dog houses out of tin the owner had collected over the years. When I reached down to load the tin into truck, a large female buffalo came over to see what we were up to.

 Now, I have seen a video on YouTube where a bull buffalo attacked a man and threw him 15 feet in the air! If was the man’s fault – he crowded the buffalo trying to get a picture and the buffalo reacted the way any cornered animal would.

 So, with one eye on the buffalo, I loaded the tin in the truck and went back to work. In 2 days, we finished the dog pens, trimmed some windows and started the back porch. It was cold and I was sore, but I had a blast!

 Another man has built an entire business based on “promptings”. His name is Kody Bateman and as he packed his family in the car to move across the country, he felt a prompting to go over and hug his brother who was moving some cars in the driveway. He ignored the prompting and just waved goodbye instead.

 He never saw his brother again. Several months later, his brother died in a construction accident. Kody vowed to never ignore another prompting and to build a company that would help others take action on their promptings as well.

 Kody started Send Out Cards, a company that allows you to send a physical greeting card online. So, he has truly realized a dream by making it easy and convenient to act on YOUR promptings by sending a physical card for less than $1.06 each!

 And the cool thing is that you can make a business out of helping other people act on their promptings, one card at a time! Kerry and I will be devoting a large part of 2010 to building this business and we would love for you to be on our team.

 This is truly an income that once built, you can drop off of the face of the Earth for 10 years and still have an income when you get back. Not true with info products, membership sites and the rest. So join our team and develop some TRULY PASSIVE INCOME! We look forward to helping you succeed!

 Watch a video about promptings here:


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