Business Success without Sacrifice

I am on a mission.

I am looking for a simple, proven method to raise my children.  I don’t want to pay any money, I don’t want to lose my free time, and I don’t want to work hard doing it.  Oh, and I want perfect results too.

My children must be godly, obedient, and polite, loving God with all their strength.  Of course, this should happen naturally – I don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on it.

Where can I find a program like that?
For that matter, where could I find children like that? 

Just imagine, godly children without any sacrifice of time, money, or effort.  Now that would be perfect!

Of course, I’m joking.  You can’t raise children without sacrifice.  It just doesn’t work.

Why talk about raising children, when this article is about starting your own online business success ?  In both cases, a person would be a complete fool to think that they could do so much without any sacrifice at all.
Business Success without Sacrifice
Children are a gift, and much more important than your business.  If you find that business is getting in the way of time with your family, perhaps you need to reevaluate your priorities.  One great way to build your business and still enjoy your family is to include your children in business decisions.  Help them towards independence, while teaching them valuable entrepreneurial skills. There are many small businesses kids can start. Check out this website for more ideas.

All this talk of raising families and building businesses highlights some similarities.  Let’s look at some lessons of raising children that can also help you to “raise” your online business success.

You need money to raise a child, as you need money to grow your online business.  Of course, the amount of money you spend is up to you; however, money is still needed.  Every day, people write and phone.  They are all looking for the perfect business, one that will help them:

  • Quit their day job
  • Gain financial freedom
  • Get out of debt
  • Work from home
  • Teach their children entrepreneurship, business skills for an independent life.

And all this without spending a dime!  Does that sound reasonable?  Of course not.

Those people also fall prey to Internet “opportunities”, promising huge rewards and easy money.  Get the websites, the products, and even the customer list… simply send money and…

Here we are, back to the money issue again.  It’s a fact – you have to spend money to make money.  You don’t have to spend a lot, just enough to get yourself started. You only need a few items to build your online business.

Your most important investment is a computer with an Internet connection.  It is possible to build an online business and run it from Internet coffee shops; I don’t recommend it.  You don’t need a superfast connection, though you may find some services too slow for your needs.

Once you have a computer, you will need a domain name, or URL. I pay from $8-$15 each year for my domain name.  I use for our clients. You can save up to 30% or get your FIRST domain for only 99 cents at godaddy. Choose whichever special is best for YOUR business.

You can also expect to pay “hosting fees” to the company responsible for putting your webpage on the Internet.  Reliable hosting is available from $50 per year. However, has a hosting special right now for $1/month…and it includes your domain.  That’s a deal ($12 for an entire year hosting & domain)

From that point, the sky is the limit.  Find and download free tools, like website creators, graphics programs, shopping carts, and more. By searching for free tools, you keep the costs down.  I’ll be sharing some of my favorite resources for online business success in future blog posts. Start your online business for about $65 a year, assuming you already have the Internet connection.

Of course, there are many small businesses kids can start online. With your love and support, they can pursue their entrepreneurial adventure.  Give them a competitive advantage – help them build their business today!


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