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  Yanik Silver, one of the most respected Internet Marketers on the planet recommends our coaching. Click on the video below to see why!


“All The Tools We Needed!”

Wendy ShawStephen and Kerry gave us all the tools we needed to start a family-run online business.

Stephen is a great teacher and breaks everything down into easy-to-follow steps. We appreciated all the resources, and the individualized attention in creating our site and ebook. Our family has been so blessed and has had such an enjoyable time all working together. God bless you!

Kevin & Wendy Shaw

“Made $27,604.00 On His FIRST Webinar!”

After my first webinar using your course, here are the results. I had 332 on the webinar at one time (the avg before was 22!) As soon as the webinar was over, I had sold 8 courses @ $595 and 3 more at 2-payment option …and am up to 16 sales so far!

Thank you – The money I spent with you was by far the best money I’ve ever invested in any educational program. Your format and the email templates made it all possible and they really work!

In the end, I made $27,604.00 on my FIRST webinar after getting your course!”

Dan Baumann

“No Longer Has Action Paralysis!”

I am an emerging entrepreneur and a homeschooling mom of 4 with ADHD. I am an idea person; my mind never stops generating ideas on ways to do things, whether it is reorganizing the house to run more efficiently or ways to make money.

I have been stuck in an “Information Overload” mode, while continuing to acquire more information and “Action Paralysis” for about 4 years. Meaning I have enormous amounts of information, but can’t find a way to put it into action.


Stephen & Kerry Beck are a dynamic team that have given me EVERYTHING I NEED to continue to move forward and implement my ideas and plans to create a successful and extremely profitable future for my family.

This is an amazing opportunity to get you started!

Erica Rueschhoff

“$644.32 In The First 20 Days!”

I work 65-75 hours a week preparing tax returns. I want to be able to exchange that income for a home business income. I checked out several “get rich quick” schemes but have only ended up PAYING them and not going anywhere on the goal to stay home.

This gave me the complete tools I need to begin – not just “my” business, but a family business we can all be involved in! Stephen helped me get my book selling online and I made $644.32 the first 20 days.

Debbie Cumberland

“Signed Up 22 New Clients!”

Thanks to your webinar training, we signed up a total of 22 new clients. Each client generated about $150 each per month, so that’s an additional $3300 per month.

So our plan is to use webinars at the heart of the promotion to generate $1M+ of sales within 12 months of taking the webinar seminar.

David White

“Recent College Grad Makes $981.62 in 8 Days!”

As a recent college grad, I was skeptical. After all, the phrase “poor college student” didn’t come out of nowhere. I like to be careful with my money, especially with what I buy online.

Boy was I blown away by the results. I made $981.62 in 8 days!! Amazing!!

Stephen Beck has really outdone himself. He’s created everything I needed to learn how to make and sell my own Ebook. The awesome thing is I’ll be able to use the steps over and over again to continue building a home business by selling information products.

Amanda Suryan

“$1,165.00 In Sales And 40 New Orders!”

As of last night we’ve had $1,165.00 in sales! And there are hundreds of books still to list with 40 new orders waiting in our inbox. People are joining and then ordering within a half hour.

But best of all is how many new members we have! We accomplished this growth with just SIX targeted promotional emails! Whether learning the value of building a list or the details of launching a product, we couldn’t have done this without watching you at work, Steve!

In the end, we made just over $3000 in 10 days.

Michelle Geffken