Join Kerry and Me, And All The Other Smart Investors Like You, As We "Knock It Out Of The Park" in Business, Income And Lifestyle in 2011!

From The Desk Of: Stephen and Kerry Beck
Tuesday, 12:36 P.M.

Dear Friend,

How have the past 12 months been for you?

  • Did you make as much money as you wanted?

  • Did you have as much time off as you wanted?

  • Did you have as much fun as you wanted?

  • Did you do some big bold things that really excited you?

  • And are you living the lifestyle that you want?

If your answer to any of those questions is "no", keep reading, because while we can't turn back the clock, you ARE in the perfect place to make sure that you are able to say "Yes!" to all of these questions this time next year.

What 2010 Meant For Kerry And Me...

As I reflect back over the past year, Kerry and I have been through some amazing changes both personally and professionally. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • We were inivited to an all-expense paid trip to Cancun for Kerry's work with Send Out Cards...

  • I spoke in London at Bernadette Doyle's event and sold seats into a high-end weekend workshop...

  • We brought the entire family to London to vacation after the weekend workshop was over...

  • Kerry and I visited Turkey for 2 weeks with our son...and gave an online business talk while we were there...

  • We brought on 6 apprentices at $15,000 each - that's a cool $90,000 added to our bottom line...

  • We hired a personal coach to get some systems in place for our business...

  • I spoke at the Dan Kennedy/Bill Glazer Info Summit this year and sold out a high-end weekend workshop plus many, many home study courses...

  • I made several huge business connections at the Dan Kennedy/Bill Glazer Info Summit including a private dinner with Alex Mandossian...

  • We added over 1800 new subscribers and over 60 buying customers with our List Building Super Heroes campaign ...and now we have a $197 product we can sell over and over!

Kimberly Wanted Clarity & Focus!

I LOVED Steve's coaching! It let me go wherever I needed on anything from a philosophical question about internet marketing in general, to some little pesky technical issue that I couldn't untangle.

His responses were very prompt, and always in detail. He helped me clarify and concentrate. Bravo Steve, and Thank You!

Kimberly Bates


Nigel Wanted A Coherent Plan!

It is rare that I ever write testimonials, but the ten minute chat was pure gold, and I felt I had to drop you a line of thanks.

You crystallized some vague thoughts I had in my mind into a coherent idea.

I have been "online" for around 3 years now, but with a recent "slap" by Google can now see how vulnerable this sort of income is! The things you talk about provide the perfect antidote, and the ideas you gave me during our chat allow me to launch a more "grounded" approach.

It's not often I get out of my chair in excitement during a phone conversation!

Once again, many thanks,

Nigel Toulson   London, UK


And I am working less, getting more sleep and starting to eat better and get more exercise. (Which will allow me to enjoy the fruits of my labors for years to come!)

"Thanks to your calls, I know that I can be successful!"

I had my first call with you and you helped me with choosing a market that would suit me and be profitable at the same time. On the second call, you further helped me with selecting a good business model for my market. By the third call, I had several ideas for profitable markets and you gave me the direction on the next steps to take for each venture.

I am very happy to report that I now have a viable strategy to pursue my online business and the confidence to move forward. Your call-in program has brought me clarity and dispelled my confusion about where to start.

There is nothing like getting to talk to someone with your integrity and experience. I can tell that you are really helping me instead of selling to me. Thanks to your calls, I know that I can be successful with my online business.

Mike Horn    Lebanon, VA

Not With Out Some "Bumps" In The Road!

Of course, this sounds so simple when I list them out, but there have been numerous setbacks, several big challenges and a little self-doubt along the way. Actually a LOT of self-doubt along the way.

Things like...

  • "Do I really deserve this?"

  • "Can I really do this?"

  • "Can I replicate this success?"

  • "Can I really get to a place of peace in my business?"

But I've learned that the journey is as important as the destination. I'm a different person than I was a year ago. I can handle more than I could a year ago. The struggles have made me a better business person and a more empathetic business coach.

I've also learned that my mindset is just as important as the strategic plans I make. In fact, if I don't have a good "vision" of what success looks like for me and my company, then all the strategic planning is fool hardy. You can't plan "How" to get somewhere until you know what that somewhere looks like -
personally - for you.

In fact, I have planned several things this year that were not successful because I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted and didn't like the end product when it came to pass - more on that in the webinar!

So, Kerry and I want to share all of the insights we've gained this year in our "Gold PLUS" Program!
"$27,604 PAYDAY After Getting Our Coaching!"

After taking your course, had 332 on the webinar at one time
(the avg before was 22!) As soon as the webinar was over, I had
sold 8 ...and am up to 16 sales so far!

With any luck I'll generate at least $20K from this!

Thank you! The money I spent with you was by far the best money I've ever invested in any educational program. Your format and the email templates made it all possible and they really work!

Dan Bauman

PS ...He actually made $27,604.00 on his FIRST webinar after getting my coaching!

"Gayle Is So CLEAR About What To Do Next!"

I am now SO CLEAR about what actions to take, in what order, and why!! I have known for some time that I needed to do xyz, but had no framework to hang it all on. My mind has "cleared" so thank you. I am IN action NOW! :-)

You are such an inspiration. I am an osteopath in UK, want to produce health webinars (with products at the end) because I want to help more people. So, its been a great learning! Now, got the planning and prep to do, but we are getting there. Need to get over the "doing it perfectly" stuff.

Gayle Palmer    Chichester, West Sussex, UK
"Sheri Liked The Way I Keep It Simple!"

Thank you very much for spending time with me today on the phone. I feel very encouraged! Although many of the things you said to me I have heard you say before in your webinars, speaking one on one and specifically directed toward my personal situation made me feel much more confident about being able to accomplish the steps I need to build my business.

I think over the past several months I have listened to and
collected so much information about business building that I
began to feel overwhelmed by information overload and nearly said "forget it"--but you brought it back to the old KISS principal for me. (Keep It Simple, Silly!) During our conversation I was able to compile 5 (very chicken scratched) pages of notes that I am going to use as my guidelines for a while.

Once again I want you to know how much I appreciate your
encouragement today!

Sheri Prest-Herman
"David Added 22 New Clients Thanks To Our Training!"

Thanks to your training, we signed up a total of 22 new clients. Each client generated about $150 each per month, so that's an additional $3300 per month. It does not end there, as I plan to introduce more new products that I will sell at a higher rate.

So our plan is to use your training at the heart of a promotion to generate 1 million dollars worth of sales within 12 months of taking your training.

David White    London, UK

What's Included In Our
"Gold PLUS" Program?

"Kristen & Denise Created An Ebook, A Web Site , A Blog And A LIVE Workshop!"

Who would have thought that two stay-at-home, homeschooling moms could become techie geniuses in just a few, short weeks? Thanks to the flawless guidance of Steve Beck, we persevered to accomplish an amazing e-book, a solid website, a great blog and a fun workshop!

Our favorite part was Steve's calm, sure voice stepping us
through the often daunting task of e-marketing our very own
information product.

Now, we have the leverage we need to share our information the most effectively with the most number of our target market as possible. This was money well spent!

Kristen Fagala & Denise Hyde

"Kimberly Can Now
Clarify & Concentrate!"

I LOVED Steve's coaching! It let me go wherever I needed on
anything from a philosophical question about internet marketing
in general, to some little pesky technical issue that I couldn't
untangle. His responses were very prompt, and always in detail.
He helped me clarify and concentrate. Bravo Steve, and Thank You!

Kimberly Bates

"Jim Bob Grossed Over $2000!"

I recently launched an online class and grossed over $2000. With Steve's continued guidance, I'm putting processes in place to increase that amount greatly.

I would highly recommend coaching by Stephen Beck. I know that by using the principles and the practical training, I will continue to generate other streams of income, even during the current recession. It's worth every penny... and more! Thanks, Steve.

Jim Bob Howard  Austin, Texas

1) Fast Start Webinar! (Retail $297)
   On this recorded webinar, we covered:
- creating a vision of greatness for your business
- creating a strategic plan for your business
- creating your "I Am" statements for a better you!

This webinar will help you get clear on your vision for the next 12 months and then turn that vision into a step by step plan so you can see EXACTLY how the revenues will come in, when and from what sources.
2) "Gold PLUS" Live Webinar Class (Retail $1997)

**This 4-Part LIVE Webinar Class Starts January 12!**

   On this webinar, we'll map out a strategy that will...
** build your email list (even if you don't have one yet)
** create a product (again, even if you don't have one)
** generate an income from the product sales
** get BIG TIME PLAYERS in your niche to help you create the
   product and even PROMOTE the product for you!
** solidify relationships so that BIG TIME PLAYERS in your niche
    will work with you again
** a plan in place for "WHAT'S NEXT" for the new subscribers
  you & just added

This is the BEST strategy that we have used in the last
12 months
and we want to show you every detail! We will take you through the entire strategy step-by-step and provide templates and sample emails to send as well.

We will even take YOUR QUESTIONS at the end of each class! These classes will be VERY INTERACTIVE!
3)  12 Monthly Master Classes with me and the mentors, coaches and
experts that have helped me build my business (Retail $997)

I want to you to keep up with the cutting edge strategies that are working for me and Kerry. So, you will be able to attend 12 Monthly Master Classes to stay on top of your vision and action plan.

Also I want to connect you with the same mentors, experts and coaches who have helped me grow my business. I have invested literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn from these experts. During 2011, they will be YOUR teachers alongside me.  Each month, you, I and other members of my mastermind will be meeting those experts to discuss the key techniques, ideas and strategies that I used to make the past 12 months my best ever.

4) Our MasterMind Membership for 1 YEAR (Retail $1164)
   - 12 Private Call-in's
- 12 CD Recordings of monthly MasterClasses shipped to your door
- Private online archives of the monthly Master Classes
- 12 Monthly Newsletters shipped to your door
- 12 Action Guides shipped to your door
5) Stephen's Million Dollar Rolodex (Retail $297)

It has taken me many years of trial and error trying out suppliers, tools and resources that DIDN'T work, to narrow down my essential list of those that do. strong>Whatever you want to do in your business, there is already someone in the world that knows how, and is willing to do it at a price that is affordable to you. There's a good chance that I've already hunted them down for you, and you'll find them in this essential Rolodex.

Teleseminar providers, transcription services, virtual assistants, web designers, fulfillment houses who can duplicate CDs and DVDs, print and ship products for'll find my personal recommendations for all these and more in my personal Rolodex.

6) Ticket to our Live 3-Day Texas Marketer Round Up (Retail $1997)

The benefit of this bonus cannot be overstated. Imagine, a live event where I'll personally help you to design your own online business one that works on auto-pilot to deliver high-paying clients to you all year round.

Attendees RAVE about our LIVE events because they are a UNIQUE experience where you'll have breakthrough after breakthrough.

It's important to understand that many people have paid thousands of dollars to attend these intensives, but you're getting this absolutely FREE as a gift from me when you order the "Gold PLUS" Program!

 Our "Gold PLUS" Membership!

How to "Knock It Out Of The Park" in your business, income and lifestyle in 2011!

Here's a closer look at what's included in our "Gold PLUS" Program:

Fast Start Webinar! Retail $297 INCLUDED
"Gold PLUS" Live Webinar Classes!

Retail $1997 INCLUDED

12 Monthly Master Classes with me and the mentors, coaches and experts

Retail $997 INCLUDED

All the benefits of our MasterMind
for 1 YEAR

Retail $1164 INCLUDED

Stephen's Million Dollar Rolodex

Retail $297 INCLUDED

Live 3-Day Texas Marketer Round Up Retail $1997 INCLUDED
  Total Value

But you won't have to pay
anywhere near that price!

You Get EVERYTHING Listed Above
For The Value-Loaded Investment of $970

Only $970 - You'll Make That Back With Your First Interview Series!


Stephen and Kerry Beck

PS...Whether you're a newbie at this or an experienced marketer, you'll discover strategies and tips designed to help you stop trading time for money, stop being the "bottleneck" in your business, and make more money while working LESS. All you need to do is follow our step by step system to see these results in YOUR business!