Jon Acuff Book, Start – A Review & Giveaway

A month ago, I attended a blogging business conference & received a galley proof copy of a new book by Jon Acuff – Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters

I highly  recommend reading Jon’s book and here are a few reasons why.

There were several concepts that struck me about the book, but this keeps coming back to me.

All you can control is the starting line.

You can’t control the finish line or what goes on between start & finish, but you can control whether or not you take action … and get going on your business, project or dream.

jon acuff start book from StephenBeck.comBy starting, you’ll move from “average” to “awesome” and Jon shows you how in the Start Book

One thing I truly appreciate about Jon’s book is his honesty. I’ve read many other motivation & self-help books. They tell you “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”. This might be true, but they forget to mention you must work to achieve your dreams.

After coaching many people who want to start a business, be a better mom or fulfill a dream, I agree that the first step is getting started.

You’ve heard Stephen & I say it often . . .

Taking action is essential
Work is necessary

You must start and that’s the number one action you can control.

Move from average to awesome. Start today.

  • Start a side business
  • Start working on your business consistenly
  • Start being a better parent or spouse
  • Whatever it is you want to do…Just Start

Jon’s examples are honest & down-to-earth. Sometimes they go against the self-help propaganda out there…and I appreciate that because they are honest. His examples cover a wide range of topics: business, marriage, parenting, life-growing, spiritual.

Jon Acuff knows there are surprises along the way.

jon acuff start book from StephenBeck.comHe discusses your little voice inside. What is that little voice saying to you?

Maybe they are fears.
Maybe they are lies.
Maybe they stop you.

We all have a little voice that tells us we can’t do it.

Ever have a hard time focusing? That little voice doesn’t want you to focus.

When you get unstuck, you are unstoppable!

The progression Jon takes as he describes getting to the finish line is excellent.  He explains what you should be doing in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. You can see him explain this in a short video by clicking here.

jon acuff-start - free online book club from

For these reasons, I’m hosting an online book club to discuss this book.

A book club for homeschoolers, teens, moms, dads, singles, married, business people, dreamers.

Anyone can get unstuck & our online book club can help you get unstuck & be unstoppable.

We’ll discuss one chapter each week. I’ll post 2-3 questions on my blog – How to Homeschool My Child. I haven’t written the questions yet, but my plan is to include an overall Christian perspective. I also plan to have a question each week for your teens to discuss.

Even if you don’t want to be in our book club, please take a moment and look at Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters by clicking here. You can get the 1st chapter for free at that link.

Be sure to watch both videos!

A 1 minute video about his NYC book launch with a mom sharing how she will apply this book to her life.

A 2 minute video with a fantastic overview of how to go from average to AWESOME (overview of 20’s-60’s)

This book is for everyone…

Grab a copy while you’re there. It’s on sale here. (Amazon has the best price & Amazon Prime members get free shipping)

PS. If you are unsure about investing in Start, grab the first chapter for free by clicking here.

PPS. I know anyone can be changed by applying concepts in this book, so I’m giving away 2 copies. Enter to win below.

Question: Will you join us for our online book club?
What questions would you like us to cover in our online book club?
You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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11 Responses to “Jon Acuff Book, Start – A Review & Giveaway”

  1. JoDitt

    I saw this book and was debating whether to buy it or not. Thanks for the review. Sounds like it would be worth the investment.

  2. Audrey

    Great review! I definitely want to read this.

  3. Felicia

    My first impression of Jon’s book, Start, was based on what I saw on the cover: “PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE” “ESCAPE AVERAGE” “DO WORK THAT MATTERS”
    And I thought, “This would be great for my highschool student.”
    I am always looking for tools for my children to help make them productive in a positive way.

  4. Tiffany

    This book really describes some of the feelings I have…….it looks like a great read!

  5. carol

    i am always talking with my kids about mediocrity, and striving to do your best for the Lord. sometimes we had ideas, but just didn’t know how to START. from the reviews, it seems like this would be a great place to START. 🙂

  6. stephenbeck

    We’re excited to have info that are applicable to kids, as well as adults. Hope you can join our book club.

  7. stephenbeck

    I wish this was available a few years ago. We had many clients who can use this information to just get started…

  8. stephenbeck

    That’s so interesting because Kerry added information in her review on her homeschool blog about how teens need this information too. Here’s that review (very similar to this one)

  9. stephenbeck

    You’ll be glad you did. Jon hits the nail on the head when he shares his own fears & what stopped him from moving forward

  10. stephenbeck

    It’s an excellent book & can help us all find our focus as we take action. Hope you can join our online book club.

  11. Barbara

    I would love to win this book. I can’t wait for the book club.

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