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More Important Than Money: How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

What do super-successful business owners all have in common? Wondering what it takes … how to be a successful entrepreneur?

It’s not experience.

It’s not extraordinary skills.

It’s not even a powerful drive.

All of these things can definitely help grow your business, but they’re not a prerequisite for success. After all, no one is born with experience or skills, and plenty of successful entrepreneurs lack drive.

How to be a successful entrepreneur

The one thing that does make a difference, though, is your “why.”

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Why do you spend too many hours in front of your computer every week?

Why do you stay up too late and get up too early, just so you can work on growing your business?

The “why” is what ultimately drives us to success.  But here’s the thing: it’s different for everyone and it’s not to make money. Your why is not my why, and my why is not her why. It’s a deeply personal choice that can have great meaning…or not.

My Big Why

For me, my big why is to help moms (both in the states and in El Salvador) raise their children to be Godly leaders who can think critically and Biblically.

I’m willing to work more hours than I’m paid to help the ladies in El Salvador understand God and understand education. I’m willing to fly across the country to speak at a homeschool conference, even if I don’t make any sales. In the end, my big why helps me make daily, weekly and monthly decisions, as well as helps me be a successful entrepreneur.

For others, their big why will be different from mine.

For example, a survivor of domestic abuse might happily spend 60 or 70 hours each and every week mentoring other victims of abuse, or counseling couples on how to break the cycle. Her big why is not to make money, but a strong desire to prevent other women from suffering in the same way she did.

A mother of small children may be saddened at the thought of sending her kids to daycare just so she can go to work to (barely) pay for it. Her big why is a drive to spend as much time with her kids as she can, while still supporting her family.

A young, fresh-out-of-school entrepreneur might resist taking the same path his parents took, working for a corporation for 40 years, only to retire and find themselves with barely enough to live on. Instead, he dreams of having the income (and the time) to see the world while he’s still young enough to enjoy it.

What’s your Big “Why”?

Whatever it is, your “why” is the driving force behind every action you take.

When you’re deciding whether or not to take on a new client, ask yourself if it’s aligned with your “why.”

When you’re setting goals for the year, ask yourself if those goals are moving you closer or further from your big why.

Thinking of branching out into a new business venture? Make sure it’s in alignment with your big why, and  all of a sudden how to be a successful entrepreneur makes much more sense.











How to Manage Your Time Working at Home {2 Simple, Free Tools}

Since many of you are here because you received 6 Week Recipe to Creating Digital Products, let’s talk about getting organized as you work on your first product at home.  How to manage your time working at home can be difficult if you’re not paying attention.

I’m in the process of creating a small product for homeschoolers….for FREE. Oh, I plan to sell it but initially it will be free. When I create free products, I really need to watch how I manage my time.

I don’t know about you, but I can waste hours on the computer.  I start working on a product to sell and before you know it, 3 hours have passed.  All I have is a one-page outline. Can you relate? What did I do during those 3 “work” hours?

I use two simple tools to keep me on track while I work at home.  I hope you will implement a time management strategy this week that helps you follow a system of how to manage your time.

How do you manage your time when you're working at home. How to manage your time is super important so try these 2 tips

I use two simple tools to keep me on track while I work at home.  Sometimes we forget to use simple tools that we already know about. I hope you will implement a time management strategy this week that helps you follow a system of how to manage your time.

Use a Timer

When I set a timer for a task, I am more focused. I also close facebook and gmail so I’m not distracted. For me, using the timer is like a race. I’m racing against the clock to complete a task so I stay focused.

It’s time to write this email, so I think it will take me one hour (30 minutes to write the email and put it on aweber, 30 minutes to put it on my blog and create an image). In the end, it took me 57 minutes, so I did pretty well. I have 3 minutes for me to send it to you.

Record Your Time

I’ve been using this tool for the past several months. Every time I sit down to work, I open up a google docs spreadsheet. I enter the day/time that I begin and the task I will complete. When I am finished, I enter the ending time.  Today I wrote FamilyEbiz email / blog post.

At the end of the week or month, I highlight the activities using a different color for each business.  The colored highlighting makes it easier to see how much time I spend on my homeschool business or my marketing business or simply doing office work like bookkeeping.

The spreadsheet has been a valuable tool for me to see how I am really spending my time. I compare my time with my profit in that niche to make future decisions about my different businesses.

If you’d like a copy of my very simple time keeper, enter your name below and you’ll get it in your inbox.

These are simple tools I use. What about you?  How do you manage your time in your online business?

How do you decide if you are using your time in the best way possible?



Tips for Creating Information Products

Information products are one of the hottest selling items on the Internet. And for good reason. Where else can you get timely, relevant information that is exactly what you want…even at 2 am in the morning?

The problem with information in books at the bookstore is that many times it is not specific enough. I don’t want to know everything there is to know about audio engineering, I just want to know how to record a talk, edit it and burn it to a CD to sell on my web site. Try finding that at your local Barnes and Noble! But it is relatively easy to find an ebook about that topic on the Internet. Even better, a video!

Another problem with buying information at the book store is that any information is at least one year old. That’s how long it takes to edit a book, send it to a publisher, get it printed and finally placed on the shelves in your local book store. By contrast, an ebook or other information product will usually have the latest, cutting edge info on your topic because they are so easily updated.

Information products can include anything from ebooks, videos and special reports to complete home study courses that go “thud” when the mail man drops it on your customer’s front porch. But information products can also include teleseminars, membership sites and paid newsletter subscriptions.

Tip 1: Ask your prospective customers what they want.

I know this sounds obvious, but what you think your customers want and what they really want can be two different things. You have a lot of knowledge about your topic…that’s why you are creating an information product. But your customers do not have your level of knowledge and are probably asking different questions than you are.

So, while you are collecting their first name and email, add a custom field that asks their biggest question about your topic. After about 100 email subscribers, you will have a really good idea what it is they are looking for! And you can use that information to write your sales letter as well.

Tip 2: Think of the trade your customers are making.

When purchasing your information product, your customer is trading his dollars for your information. Therefore, make it an easy trade for him. I will trade $47 for information that makes me $4700 every day of the week! That is why “how to make money” ebooks sell so well.

I will also trade $47 for information that saves me 2 days learning how to do something. That is a no-brainer! I am less likely to trade $47 for cute stories, recipes or how to sew my own clothes. That might be a $27 ebook. Get the picture? Make the trade very easy for your customer!

Tip 3: Try to include one or more of these angles in any information product.

Will the information in your product:

  • make people money?
  • save people money?
  • save people time?
  • save people pain (physical, emotional or financial)?

If you can include one or more of these angles in an information product, you will have a real winner on your hands!

Tip 4: Break your long ebook into parts.

If you have a 150 page ebook, consider breaking it up into three 50 page ebooks. Everyone likes to get more value and it feels more satisfying to get three different ebooks rather than one fat one. It feels like you are getting more for your money.

Tip 5: Add enough bonuses to make the purchase a “no-brainer”!

After you create an information product, go out an find about 5 to 6 related products that you can offer as bonuses. If I am buying a $47 ebook and you offer me $500 in downloadable bonuses, it makes the buying decision very easy. I recommend downloadable bonuses because they are easy to deliver and don’t cost you anything. This is also a good excuse to get their email for your owner’s list – you need their email to deliver their bonuses.

Tip 6: Sell first to those who have already bought from you.

Online business owners are like cows many times. We always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. We are always looking for NEW customers when our best customers are the ones that have already demonstrated their loyalty by buying our product!

We need to ask them what else they want. Another great way to monetize existing customers is a membership site. So much per month for access to special info, a monthly conference call or even a private newsletter.

Can you say residual income?

So, start with a niche. Ask that niche what they want. And then start creating information products that satisfy the itch they are ALREADY telling you they have. It is a blast and you will achieve expert status in your niche in no time at all!


ps. I’m honored to have one of my products in the BC Stack.  You can grab my updated 6 Week Recipe to Creating Digital Products … that anyone can follow! ($97 retail) for only $37 … AND you’ll get 65 other business resources.

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Scammy Work-at-Home Jobs Not Included

At the end of this week, I’m headed back to El Salvador for 2 more teams to work at SHIP. Before I leave, I wanted to share this with you …

Reader after reader emails in and asks me some variation of the following questions:

how can I find work from home that’s fulfilling, flexible, and family-friendly?
what types of jobs match the skills I have?
how can I avoid those work-at-home scams I’ve heard about?

With so many people looking for flexible employment while making enough to make it worth their time, I knew you’d want to hear about the Work at Home Super Bundle.

It’s a collection of 37 digital products (including eBooks, eCourses, an audiobook, and printables) to help you

  • Find legit work-at-home jobs (and avoid scams!)
  • Run your business on a tiny budget
  • Avoid common work-at-home mistakes
  • Discover clients who will pay you what you’re worth
  • And so much more!

Although the combined value of the resources in the bundle is over $1500, that’s not what you’ll pay. Not even close.

For $47, you can invest in your dreams of working from home or starting your own business.

Check it out here:

If you want to learn how to gain the flexibility and control over your work that you’ve always dreamed of, the Work at Home Super Bundle will help you get started.

The Work at Home Super Bundle is going away permanently on June 30, 2018.

Grab yours before it’s gone.

Kerry Beck

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Business Success without Sacrifice

I am on a mission.

I am looking for a simple, proven method to raise my children.  I don’t want to pay any money, I don’t want to lose my free time, and I don’t want to work hard doing it.  Oh, and I want perfect results too.

My children must be godly, obedient, and polite, loving God with all their strength.  Of course, this should happen naturally – I don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on it.

Where can I find a program like that?
For that matter, where could I find children like that? 

Just imagine, godly children without any sacrifice of time, money, or effort.  Now that would be perfect!

Of course, I’m joking.  You can’t raise children without sacrifice.  It just doesn’t work.

Why talk about raising children, when this article is about starting your own online business success ?  In both cases, a person would be a complete fool to think that they could do so much without any sacrifice at all.
Business Success without Sacrifice
Children are a gift, and much more important than your business.  If you find that business is getting in the way of time with your family, perhaps you need to reevaluate your priorities.  One great way to build your business and still enjoy your family is to include your children in business decisions.  Help them towards independence, while teaching them valuable entrepreneurial skills. There are many small businesses kids can start. Check out this website for more ideas.

All this talk of raising families and building businesses highlights some similarities.  Let’s look at some lessons of raising children that can also help you to “raise” your online business success.

You need money to raise a child, as you need money to grow your online business.  Of course, the amount of money you spend is up to you; however, money is still needed.  Every day, people write and phone.  They are all looking for the perfect business, one that will help them:

  • Quit their day job
  • Gain financial freedom
  • Get out of debt
  • Work from home
  • Teach their children entrepreneurship, business skills for an independent life.

And all this without spending a dime!  Does that sound reasonable?  Of course not.

Those people also fall prey to Internet “opportunities”, promising huge rewards and easy money.  Get the websites, the products, and even the customer list… simply send money and…

Here we are, back to the money issue again.  It’s a fact – you have to spend money to make money.  You don’t have to spend a lot, just enough to get yourself started. You only need a few items to build your online business.

Your most important investment is a computer with an Internet connection.  It is possible to build an online business and run it from Internet coffee shops; I don’t recommend it.  You don’t need a superfast connection, though you may find some services too slow for your needs.

Once you have a computer, you will need a domain name, or URL. I pay from $8-$15 each year for my domain name.  I use for our clients. You can save up to 30% or get your FIRST domain for only 99 cents at godaddy. Choose whichever special is best for YOUR business.

You can also expect to pay “hosting fees” to the company responsible for putting your webpage on the Internet.  Reliable hosting is available from $50 per year. However, has a hosting special right now for $1/month…and it includes your domain.  That’s a deal ($12 for an entire year hosting & domain)

From that point, the sky is the limit.  Find and download free tools, like website creators, graphics programs, shopping carts, and more. By searching for free tools, you keep the costs down.  I’ll be sharing some of my favorite resources for online business success in future blog posts. Start your online business for about $65 a year, assuming you already have the Internet connection.

Of course, there are many small businesses kids can start online. With your love and support, they can pursue their entrepreneurial adventure.  Give them a competitive advantage – help them build their business today!


ps.  I would love your feedback to give you the best information to grow your business. Please complete our survey right here. When you finish the survey, you’ll receive my ebook about scheduling your day.


What is the Top Priority in Your Business?

I just got back from a 2-week trip to El Salvador. (I tried to post while I was there, but had a few issues). I want to challenge you about the top priority in your business.  Before I share this business info, let me share how God is working.  On June 3, eleven of our girls promised to commit to Christ and purity in a beautiful quinceanara ceremony.
I was honored to spend time with them over the quince weekend, discussing their commitment to God and to purity until marriage. Praise God for His work in 11 young ladies’ lives here in El Salvador.
Before  the top priority is divulged, I do have ONE favor of you . . .
Would you take 4-5 minutes and fill out our FamilyEbiz survey? Click here to fill out the survey. This will help me provide good, solid business information in areas YOU need . . . not what I think you need.

We are often asked a lot of questions about selling on the Internet. By far the most common question is, “What do I sell on the Internet?”

The answer is…you are asking the wrong question.


Because products come and go, but the people you are marketing to remain forever. Meaning, the product you are selling this year may not be the same product you are selling next year, but you will be selling to the same people. That is, if you are collecting their name and email on your web site.

That is why your top priority as an online business owner (after you determine your niche) is to collect the emails of your visitors. This can be done with a simple email capture form available with any autoresponder service. I personally use Aweber because it works and is easy to use. You can get their complete course on writing emails for free … by clicking here!

Once you have your autoresponder service, you may send sequential messages to the people on your email list.

For example, if Bob joins your email list (via your email capture form at the top of your home page) on Monday, he will begin receiving an email every 7 days about who you are, what your credentials are, what you are selling, why they should buy from you as opposed to the other guy, and so on. If Sally joins a month later, she will start receiving your messages in the order she needs to receive them.

Sally will not receive the same message 17 that Bob is receiving because she needs to receive messages 1 through 16 first! The messages that Bob is receiving since he joined a month before will not make sense to her. That is why you need to send sequential emails through an autoresponder.

Think about that! How many of your products require more than one email to answer all the objections your customers have? Or how many of your products require some basic knowledge before your customers realize they can’t live without it? Nothing is better than sequential emails for getting the job done.

Another benefit of sequential emails is that people will see them eventually even if they join your email list at month later. This catches the missed sales that are so prevalent when online business owners have a single promotion that misses everyone who came to the web site after the promotion is over.

So, get an email capture form and place it front and center on your home page or most popular page. Offer something really valuable in exchange for their first name and email. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a downloadable report, mini-course via email or a link to a video will do, but it should be something that your customer really wants to entice him to give you his most prized possession…his email address!

Concentrate on building that list of email subscribers and you will have an online business for years to come. Neglect building an email list and you are at the mercy of products that may not last past year’s end!



Top 5 Freebies to Add Subscribers to Your List

Recently, I realized I’ve used a variety of incentives to get new subscribers.

In fact, my email list has grown from 6,000 to 24,000 in three years.

I believe it’s because of the many freebies I’ve used.

Top 5 FREEBIES to grow your subscriber list - they really work ~ from

Here are the Top 5 Freebies that worked for me:

Read More Here…


How to Promote Affiliates Without Hype

Over the next few weeks, my wife – Kerry, is going to share some ideas to make money with a blog. She’s been doing just that for the past 5+ years.

Let’s face it, earning affiliate commissions helps support your blog and your family. But, most readers do not want to read blogs with a lot of hype about buying products. They want to know more about you & read stories about your life or your niche.

So, how can you include affiliate links without a lot of hype?

Basically, I recommend writing posts that are helpful to your readers. Show them you care about them and want to let them know what is working for you & your family. Here are 3 ways I’ve included affiliate links that are very natural.

Hyperlink Products in a List

One of my favorite type blog posts are lists. Lists of our favorite books to read aloud. Lists of my favorite homeschooling books. Lists of our favorite activities.

Each list includes items that are available on Amazon. I hyperlink those items with my Amazon affiliate link. To be honest, I haven’t made a lot of money. But a few clicks here & there add up over time.

Tell Your Story

When you review a product, tell your story. Include ways you are personally using that product.

• If you are reviewing a curriculum, show how it helped your family in your homeschool.
• If you are reviewing a book, tell stories about the impact the book had on your life.
• If you use the product, tell stories how you’ve used the product.

As you tell your story, be sure to include images that “show” your story. Hyperlink each photo with your affiliate code.

The Advent Calendar, Table Runner & Flip Chart worked well for me during the holidays. You’ll see the advent calendar on our refrigerator and the flipchart next to our centerpiece. Click on the image to see how I shared ways to use these items.

how to use affiliate links in  blog posts

Or, click here to see how I told my story about the Easter Countdown Puzzle that had an affiliate program.

Videos Share Affiliate Links

Videos work like a charm for me. Yesterday, I had a homeschool mom message me from eBay about a writing resource. She mentioned Bryan, Texas and I replied saying we used to have a curriculum store in Bryan. A few hours later, she left a phone message asking about more writing resources.

I called her back and shared my thoughts about the three resources. During our conversation, she told me she had been watching this lady on youtube talk about the writing resources. In the middle of watching the videos, she realized it was me.

The videos on my website are also on youtube. I earn money when people buy from those videos. It doesn’t matter if they are on my site or on youtube. I still get paid. Here’s an example of one of my video reviews:

Best Affiliate Marketing Tip Ever

In closing, let me share one tip. I try to call my affiliate products, resources. Resources sounds like an item that will help you. Products sound like an item to be sold. It is a subtle difference, but people are more accepting of resources than products.

As you plan your next blog post to promote an affiliate item, remember to be natural & encouraging. Your readers will be glad & you’ll make more affiliate commissions.


.Question: What is your best affiliate marketing tip? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


Skies of the Cross - Easter Family Bible study from
NOTE: This post may include affiliate links.


How to Integrate Autoresponders In Your Business

An autoresponder can be a valuable time saving tool when promoting online business opportunities. The challenge is that most business owners simply do not know how to maximize autoresponders to their best use possible and as a result lose out on golden opportunities to generate more sales and work more efficiently.

Email Signatures

For instance, you can use an autoresponder by attaching a signature at the bottom of your emails. What this does is brands your message. They work just like business cards. In the signature you should include your name, the name of your company, contact information and send out a quick message.

Your signature should be including in every email that you send out. What this does is continues to remind the reader of who you and what your business is all about. Each time they see your signature that creates another impression of you and the online business opportunities that you promote. In addition to building impressions a signature at the bottom of your email also has the added benefit of making your emails look more professional.

A good email signature is typically anywhere from four to six lines and is no more than 70 characters per line. Check your text and make sure that it does not get cut off. Your signature should consist of your name, the name of your company, email address, phone number and other methods of contact such as fax numbers.

Finally you want to make sure you also include a brief message about the online business opportunities that you are promoting. Focus on the benefits your products and services offer and the credibility of your company. You can include this message in the PS section.

Importance of P.S.

PS is a good idea to include in your signature. The reason why this is a good idea is that some readers skip the message but read the PS. Include a great call to action in the PS.

By utilizing these steps you will be well on your way to maximizing the benefits of an autoresponder. A signature can be set up very quickly. Therefore set yours up today and maximize the profitability of your online business opportunities.

Create Mini-Courses

When you start a consulting business an autoresponder is also a great tool to help you create courses that promote your business. You already have a topic that you are an expert at because you are a consultant. The course that you design should deal with a specific topic within your area of expertise. You can offer the mini-course as a free bonus for visitors to your website. The autoresponder is the way you deliver the mini-course.

After selecting a topic of interest, divide the topic up into several sub-topics. Give anyone that visits your consulting website a 5 or 7 day course where you cover each sub-topic on each day of the course. Day 1 should consist of an introductory message letting the reader know what will come next. The key is to build interest, clearly communicate your points and offer information of value so that the reader feels that he or she is getting quality actionable information.

In the mini course you use when you start a consulting business, make sure you include the lesson number, topic title as well as information about your company. Conclude with a sneak peak of what the next lesson is about.

The key to creating a good mini-course is to provide valuable information and build curiosity. If you fail to do this, the reader will unsubscribe and will not read your mini course the next day.

As far as how you create the course, there are several ways you can do this. I suggest that you create it in a word processing application or a text based program so that you can have a central location for all of your content. After creating it and reviewing it, the next step is to transfer the course over to your autoresponder application. You are done!

Now the mini-course works on your behalf. Visitors to your website automatically begin to build rapport with you and have a greater level of trust in your abilities as a consultant while you continue to build your business. As a result, you will find that it will help you land more clients as you start a consulting business.

Stephen Beck

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Alligator Sausage & What It Taught Me

A few years ago, my daughter played in a softball tournament in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Although we homeschool our children, Idaho’s public school system welcomes home schooled kids into their sports programs. It’s been a wonderful experience, and our children have been warmly welcomed by their teammates. Of course, it helps that they are great athletes!

The stakes were high – whoever won the next game would play in the State Championship!  When my daughter came to bat, she nailed the ball, a real screamer to right field.  She made it to home plate, scoring the tying run as she went.  Our team went on to win the game.  Gentry came home with MVP honors… we couldn’t be more proud!

That evening, I learned a valuable lesson.

After watching seven hours of softball, we were hot, sticky, tired, and badly sunburned.  We didn’t feel like going out for supper.  We decided to order pizza, and asked the front desk if they had any suggestions.

pizza schmizzaBoth front desk clerks immediately and enthusiastically suggested the local Pizza Schmizza (honest, that was its name). They both began to rave about the wonderful pizza, great sauces, and gourmet toppings.  Not only did Pizza Schmizza offer traditional pizzas, they even included spicy Thai options, even alligator sausage!

“How did you hear about them?” I had to ask.

They responded, “Each week, the owners bring us pizza for our break.”


Front desk clerks at a hotel are often great sources of information for weary travelers.  They are often asked for recommendations on restaurants, local entertainment, and more.  By giving free pizza, Pizza Schmizza increased sales. Your lesson? twoFind out who your prospective customers connect with, and reward the middleman.

But I can hear the objections now.  “Why should I give my product away for free?  I need to make money like everyone else, so they should pay like everyone else!”

You are thinking too small.  Free samples do not cost much in the grand scheme of things.  That small cost will be meaningless once your product gets into the right hands.

Now, I am sure that Pizza Schmizza has given away dozens of pizzas to front desk clerks in the area.  But what a marketing strategy! Sure, not all the front desk clerks will recommend Pizza Schmizza.  But some clerks recommend them, and very highly too.

There is a risk that someone may copy your product, then present it as their own.  The copycats are everywhere.  But your business isn’t just about the product… you provide great follow-up, and even offer higher-end merchandise to customers who want more (or, as we say in the biz, you’ve got a “killer back end”). That will keep your loyal customers coming back!

So learn a lesson from Pizza Schmizza on business promotions and marketing ideas – offer free samples to strategic people who will spread the word.  Your business will grow and prosper, and you’ll be happy you did!

Stephen Beck