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WARNING: People Will Abandon Your Webinar Registration Page Like RATS Off A Sinking Ship…If You Don’t Use This Simple And FREE Software!

New, Revolutionary Software Makes
Registration Page Abandonment
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Dear Friend,

If you have worked with Webinars for any length of time, you know the problem we all face:

How to get people to register for our Webinar in GoToWebinar…

AND how to get their contact information in our autoresponder system

WITHOUT making them enter their info TWICE!

It is quite a dilemma…

We need their contact information in both places, but until now, there has not been an easy way to get it there without making the people enter their contact information TWICE. And if you make them enter their contact info twice, they will more than likely abandon the registration page and not attend your Webinar. Which means less people on your Webinar and less money in your pocket!

Here is a short 4 minute video that explains the problem …and the solution! 🙂

So you see the power of this simple, easy-to-use software. You just download it to your hard drive, upload it to your server, hit the install button and it does the rest. Very easy. And very powerful!

Honestly, I thought about charging a monthly fee to access this software, but my friend David Frey talked me out of it. He said, “Just sell it. No one wants to pay a monthly fee!” So, I started charging $197. And you know what?

My 17-year old son said, “why don’t you just give it away?”

“Are you for real? I spent $2000 having this thing developed!”

“Yeah, but think about the the good will you will get. And the emails!”

Smart kid.

So, for a VERY limited time, I’m releasing this software for $197 FREE!

That’s right!

You can get this amazing software absolutely FREE and you’ll be AMAZED at the number of people you get on your Webinars after that. Most people don’t track how many people come to their registration page versus how many actually register for the Webinar. I assure you, it is an abysmal percentage. But you can overcome the odds and crush your competition at the same time with this handy piece of software!


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