Debt-Free Living

Wow! We have finally done it. We have converted our wildly popular debt handbook into an expanded student workbook. Before, the student had to write his/her answers on a separate sheet of paper and the teacher did not have any answers at all!

Now, there is an expanded student workbook with all the verses included and space to write his answers. And, we have a teacher’s guide to help reduce the work load for the teacher.

Even better, we have included Steve’s lecture on “Teaching Your children about Debt and Finances” as a supplement for both student and parent.

Best of all, all three of these essential training aids are available as a download. That’s right, you can download it NOW and be teaching today!

Click here to see a sample of the student workbook.

Click hear to see a sample of the teacher workbook.

  Click on play to hear a sample of the debt talk

Why a study on debt?

The Bible refers more to the subject of money than any other topic. Where will your children learn these important lessons about finances? Are you teaching them about finances and debt beforethey find themselves neck-deep in student loans, a mortgage and a $15,000 credit card debt? Come hear the biblical view of finances and debt – and how we can effectively teach this to our children.

Who is the author?

Stephen Beck, popular convention speaker and author of the How to Start Your Own Business…For Families and Teens! Workshop on DVD will show you from the Scriptures what God thinks of debt and how He has called His people to live. A way of life that frees His children and brings Him glory!

What is included in the student workbook?

  • almost all of the verses in the Old and New Testament about debt, surety and usury
  • ample space to write notes on each verse and to draw principles from those verses
  • a synthesizing exercise that brings all the verses together into a coherent way to draw conclusions (this helps the principles stick in the mind of the student)
  • my conclusions about debt from all the work we (the student, teacher and me) have done together through this series.
What are others saying about the audio CD?Here is a review by Deanne Crawford from TEACH magazine…

This best selling book, written by Stephen Beck, provides an effective way to teach our children the Biblical view of finances and debt. Mr. Beck challenges the “status quo” thinking of our day in regards to our finances, and provides 30 Scripture references, complete with discussion questions in this study guide.

The Bible talks about money more than any other subject and I am grateful to Mr. Beck for writing this study that sets forth Biblical principles from both the Old and New Testaments for the training of our children (and ourselves!) in the Biblical view of finances and debt.

Be prepared to be challenged and blessed as you search the Word of God regarding your finances!

Addendum: At the time of this review, Mr. Beck has revised and expanded A Quick Study on Debt.

A Debt Bundle Package is now available. The Package includes a Student workbook, Teacher’s guide and an audio CD. The Quick Study on Debt Bundle Package gives the home-schooling family everything they need to successfully teach these principles to their families and themselves!

The Student Workbook provides ample space for responding to questions and the Teacher’s Guide not only provides the correct answers, but also includes thought- provoking responses to stimulate our thinking. I greatly appreciated the MP-3 audio entitled, “Teaching Your Children about Debt and Finances”. The audio presents the vision behind the “Quick Study On Debt” and gives practical suggestions toward training our children about finances.

“Debt-Free Living” Package!

YES! I want to learn what the Bible says about living debt free ($37) …so I can learn for myself and teach my children as well! Please give me immediate access to this system so I can implement these strategies immediately into my life and business.

  • I UNDERSTAND… I am one of the first few people in the world to use this system, my results may vary and are dependent on me implementing the system in the Debt Free Living Package.
  • I UNDERSTAND… the Debt Free Living Package comes with a
    30 DAY money back guarantee and I may request a refund of the purchase price up to 30 days from my time of purchase. At that time I will be removed from the  Debt Free Living Package Private Members area and I will also forfeit any future updates to the system.
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