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Tuesday, May 15, 2007Dear Friend,I was totally amazed when I made $132 my first week on eBay! Now, that may not sound like much, but I was selling stuff I thought about throwing away.eBay has allowed me another stream of income, and much of it is passive these days when I’m out of the office having fun.) Would you like to learn my fool-proof system and secrets so you have extra money each month?

Kerry Beck Kerry BeckMother, Entrepreneur and

What could YOU do with an extra $500 or more each month?
Pay off your credit card debt
Buy your kids’ baseball, soccer or basketball uniform
Take a weekend trip with your family or loved ones
Save money to re-invest in your business
Give to your favorite charity
Support 15 children throughout the world with Compassion, Inc.
Pay off your car loan
Reduce your mortgage significantly by paying off equity
There are SO many things you can do with $500 that I don’t have room to list them for you. I know $500 a month could help your family budget in an awesome way.
You may be wondering how I can repeatedly generate at least $500 each month, just by selling stuff on eBay.
Let me share a quick story to help you understand . . . 
The following month, we made a profit over $1000 (see if I can find exact figure). If we had more time, we could have sold more, but we were packing to move from Texas to Idaho that month. At the end of July 2004, we took the kids to a ritzy restaurant in a quaint old home. They had a blast!
In August, we sold very little because we were driving from Texas to Idaho and setting up a new home.
BUT, things picked up in September. By the end of September, I was invited to become a Power Seller on eBay. I was so excited to reach this goal in 4 short months. (Did you know it takes a minimum of 3 months selling $1000 average each month, just to be considered for Power Seller status . . . and I did it in 4 months.)
That’s when I knew for sure the system I was using for eBay selling really works!
The entire family was excited. Why? Because we followed one proven system that works on eBay and we made fistfuls of money!
I’ve Already Been Criticized For Giving Away Too Much Information In This Package…
Read The Rest Of This Letter Very Carefully!
Fast forward a few years
I continue to follow my eBay system and make money while we go snowmobiling or skiing. It’s great to come home and see how much money we made on eBay while we were out having fun!
I’m sure you can tell after reading my story that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to selling on eBay. I’ve consistently sold on eBay for the past three years. I know my system works and I want to share it with you!
Testimonial_Jessica Erskine - Secrets Online Auction SuccessI really liked the audio program “Involve Your Kids in eBay and Watch Them Become Young Entrepreneurs” – it is easy to listen to and very informative, full of great tips and info. This is a great motivator for teens, and people like me who absolutely have no idea how to do anything on Ebay. Mrs. Beck explains how you can turn eBay into school work that is productive, fun, and gives your kids a way to earn money. Ebay even gives your kids a reason to learn to write better! She tells how her youngest son (13) started selling toys, marshmallow guns, and things that he made on ebay, and also how her daughter (18) needed some extra spending money, so she also decided to get started on ebay.
At first when they started selling things, their stuff didn’t sell. But as they gained experience selling items, making good photos and writing better descriptions, their items sold at much higher prices. A great learning experience! Just looking at the contents of this package you can tell it covers everything from A to Z.
 Jessica Erskine,
Homeschool Radio Shows
Canmer, KY
If you�ve read to this point, you are one of 3 types of people:
Complete Newbie to eBay and home business
You sell on eBay, but you are not making a profit
You have other businesses, either websites or bricks & mortar stores, and you need more sales & customers on a regular basis.
What If You Could Earn an Extra $500 Each Month
Just by Following My Simple, Proven System
For Success & Profit on eBay?
If YOU are a Newbie to eBay or Home Business

You are in the perfect position to start your eBay business on the right foot. So many eBayers struggle to make a dime, but you don’t have to struggle when you follow my proven eBay system.
Discover the right way to set up your auctions, research your products, ship without losing money, and sell to your customers over & over again. Remember it is always easier to sell to previous customers than to find new customers!
Secrets to Online Auction Success will take you by the hand and get you started successfully with eBay. It just takes a little bit of your time & diligence. Then, Secrets to Online Auction Success will show you advanced techniques so you take your eBay selling to the next level and build an eBay business.
If YOU are Selling on eBay and Not Making a Profit
You need to make some changes and make them quick. Discover an eBay system that will turn your losses into profit!
You may be selling the right items, but not listing it to make a profit.
You may be listing your items well, but not choosing the items that make money.
You may be losing money with your eBay fees and shipping costs.
You may need to find the best products that sell over & over again to save you time in the long run.
There are so many aspects to eBay and you need to find your weaknesses and correct them. Secrets to Online Auction Success will help you find the holes in your eBay selling that are sucking money from your profit. Secrets to Online Auction Success will show you the right way to sell on eBay and keep the most money possible in your pocket.
Don’t Spend Another Dime or Waste Another Minute
Trying to Get Traffic to Your Website
Until You Learn the Real Truth About Getting Visitors
From ALL Over the World with eBay!
If YOU already have a Website or Bricks & Mortar Business
You need an eBay division right now! If you don’t have an eBay division of your business, you are leaving money on the table. eBay will help expand your customer base and grow your profits exponentially.Do not lose any time getting your eBay division up and running. Follow the steps in Secrets to Online Auction Success and start selling items you already have in your inventory. Or, clear out your distressed inventory. Once you get your feet wet in eBay, you can take your eBay customers to your other website-and NOT pay eBay fees on your website sales.Secrets to Online Auction Success shows you how to set up an eBay store so you can list your items once and continue to make money without writing new descriptions or taking new photos for each auction.As a bonus to Secrets to Online Auction Success, you will receive 2 audio workshops from copywriting experts. Ray Edwards & Craig Perrine will give you strategies for moving to the next level by emailing your customers and re-writing some of your product web pages so they make you more money. 
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How Can An Internet Marketing Mom Juggle
Family Life, Motherhood (with 3 kids),
Extracurricular Activities AND
Several eBay Businesses-Without A Hitch?
How Does She Do It?
Why Should You Listen to Her?
When I started selling online, I never thought I’d enjoy it so much or make so much money from it. Originally, I wanted to teach my 3 children (then ages 6, 9, 11) how to be free from working for “the man” by learning entrepreneurial strategies.As we developed a website for our business, I realized how eBay could help us grow our kids’ business into something worthwhile for our entire family. At that time, my husband was not involved much in our business. He had other businesses of his own. It was the kids & me!After 4 months of selling on eBay, I became a Power Seller and took our business to the next level with the help of eBay. Customers found me on eBay that never would have found our brand new website. I began a relationship with my customers through email so they buy from me over & over again.The cool thing about my story is my kids have been learning with me all along the way!I know they have the skills, tools and strategies to make money on their own. Hey, I wrote my 14 year old son a check for $1017.55 last October. That was his profit on an item he made & sold last summer.        Click Here To Order Now Here’s another example of what my then 13 year old son did on eBay.
Click Here For a Larger Image

When I took this picture of his Mystery Date auction, there was 1 day and 3 hours left for bidding and the current bid was $75.
I did not get a picture of the final bid, but it sold for $172.50! Not bad, for a game we bought at a garage sale for $3. After paying us back the eBay and Paypal fees, he still had a nice chunk of change for a 13 year old.
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.. the MOST encouraging thing about the course is that it broadened my expect-ations of what I can do with eBay.Kerry’s enthusiasm and encouragement have been key in creating a vision for something bigger for our family!”Jamie Suel, eBay Seller
Bryan, TX


This is Susan Mueller from Paris, Texas. I’m a home school mom who has worked my way out of my job.My youngest child graduated last year. I am creating additional streams of income and Kerry Beck’s Secrets to Online Auction Success is helping me go in the right direction. I am not a technical person and Kerry’s program is just what I needed.She starts off with the very basics and very systematically progresses to the more difficult skills.
Now I’m learning how to build my eBay business. Susan Mueller, Homeschool Mom
Paris, Texas


After attending one of Kerry’s seminars, I discovered how simple and profitable eBay can be for my business. I never knew there were so many benefits from eBay. Not only can I sell on eBay, I can also find customers and drive visitors to my site. Thanks, Kerry!Kristie Winnie, Author of Proverbs for the Soul
Kingsland, GA

“Before I Share With You The Secrets of eBay,
Take a Moment and Listen to What People Are Saying About This Awesome eBay System.”

I wanted my son to learn the internet marketing business so I got a copy of Kerry’s course.  eBay is a great place to start.Craig Perrine,
Internet Marketer & Speaker
Austin, TX
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There were 3-4 workshop choices during each session, and Andrew went with me except for two times when he went on his own to different ones (I couldn’t believe he was willing!): Kerry’s on eBay and Cindy’s on writing. He actually took some notes. I asked him to tell me the most important thing he learned in the eBay class, and he said, “Well, something about finding a market and then selling them what they want.” Sounds like he got the most important lesson!Mary Jo Tate, Editor
Tupelo, MS
Kerry explains eBay in terms simple enough for a 12 year old to understand. She gets you up & running on eBay so you can make money quickly.Don’t fear the technical aspects of eBay when you use Kerry’s system. Before you know it, you’ll see money in your bank account just from following her tips.Gregory Urbanick
Gainesborough, GA


Following a proven system is vital to profitable businesses.  Kerry provides just that with Secrets to Online Auction Success.Debra Roedl, 
Phoenix, AZ
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What’s Going On?

eBay Power Seller Kerry Beck has put together a one-of-a-kind eBay course that takes you from A to Z!  She begins her course with getting an eBay account and she concludes with Advanced Techniques to sell in bulk to your customers over & over again, making it easy to have an eBay business.

This eBay course will reveal how you can easily list products on eBay that your customers will crawl over broken glass to buy! You’ll learn Kerry’s insider secrets to researching items for a profit and learn exactly what she does to list products that sell like crazy …

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What Will You Learn From
Secrets To Online Auction Success?

You’ll  discover the ‘Insider Secrets’ to eBay Profits!
How you can shave hours off of your eBay listing time and write as few listings as possible!
You’ll discover how you can easily write an eBay Description that sells like hotcakes!
How you can use Your own Blog  to keep your customers coming back to buy more!
You’ll  discover which words trigger your customers to Bid Higher and keep asking for more!
How you can get Free Shipping Supplies!
You’ll discover how you can easily develop Trust with Your Bidders by taking fabulous photos.
How you can get Free Shipping Supplies!
You’ll discover how to set up your own eBay Store (plus, you learn exactly what tools we use to do it!)
The single most important question you must ask your self before you get started selling on eBay. (hint: Not knowing this will almost guarantee your failure!)
You’ll discover how to create best eBay titles that will have your customers begging to buy from you!
How you can teach your kids to eBay so they will have financial freedom as an adult!
You’ll  discover the best places to buy in bulk & save yourself time writing eBay Listings!
How you can research your items that make the most money!
You’ll discover how you can keep records to be sure you are making a profit.
How you can develop relationships with your customers so they buy from you over & over again!
You’ll  discover how to keep your customers happy by having a smooth transaction from start to finish.
How you can delegate eBay jobs so YOU stay SANE!
You’ll discover how to collect your money quickly and grow your bank balance.
How you can relist your unsold auctions without paying eBay fees!
and many many more time-tested eBay secrets straight from the mouth of eBay Power Sellers. Click Here To Order Now

Why Did Kerry Make
Secrets To Online Auction Success?

Because Years ago, Kerry Beck, The FamilyEbiz Mom, was where you are today, trying to build a business to reduce the financial stress in her family.  She’s decided to share her secret eBay building information with you so you can do the same no matter what business you are in.. This powerful Home Study Course was created just for you.

Secondly, Kerry has been underground selling on eBay since 2004 and she has developed a system for guaranteeing success. But, the best part is, none of Kerry’s eBay products are about making money. She truly is an underground internet marketer with proven strategies you need to know.

And quite frankly, Kerry wants to give back.  She remembers how it was to put products online, get a website up, and pray that people would buy. Knowing you just needed some more techniques to make your stuff sell.  So now she is sharing with you the techniques that work, the ones you need to know, and with this Home Study Course, you can watch and listen to them over and over again. Whenever you want, wherever you want!     

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What Do You Get With
Secrets to Online Auction Success?

 Volume 1 - Secrets Online Austion Success Video #1  Research & Listing

  • Clip 1 – Welcome
  • Clip 2 – Overview & Setting Up Accounts
  • Clip 3 – Research Products
  • Clip 4 – Listing on Turbo Lister – part 1
  • Clip 5 – Listing on Turbo Lister – part 2

 Volume 2 - Secrets Online Auction Success Video #2  Completing the Sale

  • Clip 6 – More on Turbo Lister-Description Tips
  • Clip 7 – Teaching Your Kids to Use Turbo Lister
  • Clip 8 – Upload Listings to eBay
  • Clip 9 – Answering Questions
  • Clip 10 – Sending Invoices-Receiving Payments
  • Clip 11 – Shipping & Paperwork
  • Clip 12 – Re-Listing an Item
  • Clip 13 – About Me Page



 Volume 3 - STOAS Video #3  Advanced Techniques

  • Clip 14 – Advanced-Wholesale Method
  • Clip 15 – Advanced-Setting Up eBay Store
  • Clip 16 – Advanced-Finish Store & Traffic Reports
  • Clip 17 – Advanced-Listing a Store Product
  • Clip 18 – Advanced-Selling to Past Customers

 Update - Secrets Online Auction Success Video #4  2007 Updates

  • Clip 1 – 2007 Introduction
  • Clip 2 – New Turbo Lister
  • Clip 3 – New Turbo Lister continued
  • Clip 4 – New Description
  • Clip 5 – Backup Turbo Lister
  • Clip 6 – Wholesalers
  • Clip 7 – World Wide Brands Update

All of these videos (cd-roms) are valued at $397 together as a set!
Get Your Set Today

What Else Comes With This Course?

9 Secrets - Secrets Online Auction SuccessCD #1  9 Secrets to eBay Success, Kerry Beck
(Value $47)
Transcription of Audio Seminar (Value $37)
Power Point Notes of 9 Secrets (Value $17)

Wife & mom throughout the week, Kerry Beck started Curriculum Connection six years ago as a way to teach business and entrepreneurial skills to her kids. Before she knew it, Curriculum Connection grew to be a major source of income for her family.
In the process of growing Curriculum Connection, Kerry discovered eBay and the power of selling online. She started with all that junk in her home before she moved from Texas to Idaho. Then, she discovered how to make eBay a vital part of the family business. Within four months of selling on eBay, she became a Power Seller, which takes a minimum of three months to earn.
Discover how you can use eBay to meet your goals…whether that is an extra $300 a month or replacing your family income. Learn how to start your family business from scratch and involve your children at the same time. Then, you can reap the benefits of your hard work.


Involve Children - Secrets Online Auction SuccessCD #2  Involve Your Children in eBay and Watch Them Become Young Entrepreneurs, Kerry Beck
(Value $17)

Looking for a business that your kids can start but don’t have a lot of money to invest? Need some extra cash for an unexpected expense or trying to pay off your credit card debt? Do you already have a business but could use more customers from all over the world? Then eBay is just for you!
eBay is one of the best ways to teach your kids business skills while you work out of the home. You can also generate investment money for business ideas and get out of debt. Through her own eBay story, Kerry Beck shares ways you can give your children an entrepreneurial education with eBay. Learn how to start your family business from scratch and involve your children at the same time. Then, you can reap the benefits of your hard work.

Mastering The Art of Writing eBay Listings That Sell!
Here Are Surefire StrategiesNo One Is Telling You About…

Ray Edwards - Secrets Online Auction SuccessCD #3  Turning Words into Wealth: Secrets of Copywriting That Sells, Ray Edwards  (Value $47)

Ray Edwards is a sought-after Direct Response Copywriter and Marketing Consultant.
He has written profit-pulling copy for top marketers including Frank Kern, Alex Mandossian, Mark Victor Hansen, and Joel Comm.
Learn how to write sales letters and emails that make people whip out there wallets and buy what they already know they want from you!

7 Secrets to Email Profits - Secrets Online Auction SuccessCD #4  7 Secrets to Email Profits, Craig Perrine
(Value $47)

Would you like to have dozens (maybe even hundreds) of people subscribing to your email list every single day, even if you take the entire week off and never turn your computer on?

Would you like those people on your list anxiously waiting for every email you send them, reading the entire email that very same day it arrives, even asking if you are OK if they don’t get an email from you?

Would you then like those people to take immediate action on your emails; each email you send putting significant cash into your pocket, letting you rest peacefully at night knowing you never have to worry about money again? Craig is the Online King when it comes to building email lists of people who eagerly want what you have to sell…over and over and over…

Blog video - Secrets To Online Auction SuccessCD-Rom #5  Blog Video Tutorial, Stephen Beck
(Value $47)

Feeling the call to enter full-time Christian ministry, Stephen Beck shut down his lucrative construction company in Texas and moved his family to Moscow, Idaho, to attend seminary.
Wanting a business that he could take anywhere in the world while working from home, he and his wife, Kerry, started an online homeschool curriculum store. He later started FamilyEbiz, a company designed to teach families how to start businesses.
“Mr. Meat and Potatoes”, Stephen Beck shares how to set up a blog to
make a profit . . . in easy steps that ANYONE can follow.

Assignment Book, Kerry Beck  (Value $47) 
Weekly assignments for six weeks.  This assignment book keeps you on track, so you are making a profit quickly!  Follow through with the assignments and you should make money the first month.
Resource Guide, Kerry Beck  (Value $67) 
Actually this Resource Guide should be valued at PRICELESS.  I’ve included a wealth of information that you can swipe for your own eBay business…templates, cheat sheets, places to outsource,The Resource Guide covers the following areas of eBay businesses:

  • Setting Up Accounts
  • Products
  • Auction Listings
  • Listing Descriptions
  • Shipping
  • Other Listing Components
  • E-Mail Templates
  • Business Records
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Sell More Stuff
  • Get More Customers
  • Sell to Prior Customers
Learn From My Mistakes:  7 Lesson for eBay Sellers, Kerry Beck  (Value $37) 
Don’t make the same mistakes I made on eBay. Discover how to avoid common mistakes eBay sellers make on a daily basis.  We all make mistakes…your mistakes should be different from mine because you will learn the right way to eBay with this book..


These extra cds & books are valued at $410 that I threw into my course for FREE!  Click Here To Order Now

“I have been selling on eBay for 3 months. I have averaged $396 per month. Not bad for selling stuff around the house…”"… the MOST encouraging thing about the course is that it broadened my expectations of what I can do with eBay. Kerry’s enthusiasm and encouragement have been key in creating a vision for something bigger for our family!”Jamie Suel
Bryan, Texas


Thank you so much for the free report. I absolutely agree. Although I don’t have any children, I still strongly believe on what you’re saying. You have done your homework. Bravo!God bless,


Testimonial_Jim Erskine - Secrets to Online Auction Success     Truly, there are indeed a LOT of other “build a business on eBay” products “out there”, but this is the only one that was produced specifically with the needs and desires of homeschooling families in mind. It focuses on both the business and family sides of running an eBay business, and gives you direction on integrating it into your children’s entrepreneurial education. There are also a lot of other ways to start a “family business”… but there are huge advantages to “learning the ropes” and using eBay to jumpstart your enterprise. The online marketplace that is eBay is truly an amazing phenomenon, and Kerry provides all the tools and step-by-step strategies for tapping into the incredible traffic and exposure it offers — if you know how to do it the right wayJim Erskine,
Great Homeschool Videos
Canmer, KY


What Else Do I Receive With My
Secrets To Online Auction Success Order?

When you order your Home Study course, you will receive eight (8) bonuses worth a total of $752 which includes a free ebook set free strategy session, free online newsletter and our eBay Listing blueprint:

Bonus #1: Time Management Set: ‘Time Management Revealed’ & ‘Procrastination Solved’ ebooks-  Learn the secrets to using your time to make money and how not to procrastinate the important tasks of the day. (Value $47) 
Bonus #2: Is eBay Right for You?  mp3 -  Learn the secrets Kerry used to become a Power Seller as she tells her story of success o eBay. (Value $10) 
Bonus #3: Listing on eBay: Free, Quick  & Easy mp3 -  Step by Step audio helps to using Turbo Lister for your auctions.  Make this into a CD and listen to it in your car to review key eBay concepts. (Value $27) 
Bonus #4: eBay Listing Template -  I just added this because I saw how valuable a template for your auctions will be for your success.  Don’t worry about your listing.  Just follow this template (Value $47) 
Bonus #5: 1600 plus Images, Clipart and Graphics to use on Your eBay Auctions or Web Site! -  Quit Stealing images off the Internet! It could come back to BITE you!  Use these graphics and images to dress up your website, attract more visitors and get more sales! (Value $47) 
Bonus #6: Free One-on-One eBay Strategy Consultation -  You receive a total of 60 minutes consultation about your eBay listings or any aspect of your eBay business.(Value $300) 
Bonus #7: You will be entitled to a FREE membership in Kerry Beck’s online newsletter called “eBay Secrets” this is, by itself, worth $200 per year.  (Value $200) 
Bonus #8: You will be entitled to 2 months FREE  in our FamilyEbiz Silver Membership, this is, by itself, worth $74.  (Value $74) Just Read About Everything That’s Included…

  1. You will receive 2 issues of ONLINE FAMILY BUSINESS NEWSLETTER arriving by first class mail every month. Tons of tips and tricks about what really works…including a member’s profile area where we profile YOU, the members.
  2. For the next 2 months, as a Silver Member, you will receive MONTHLY EXCLUSIVE AUDIO CDs. These are Stephen Beck’s exclusive audio content including experts from every facet of online business. Use these CD’s to turn commuting time into “power learning time”.
  3. As an ‘Elite’ Silver Member, you will also receive a MONTHLY MARKETING HOT SHEET. This is a separate ADDITION to your ONLINE FAMILY BUSINESS NEWSLETTER with timely marketing information, special opportunities, resources, tips, and much more.
  4. You’ll also be able to get Stephen Beck’s private advice with SPECIAL FREE CALL-IN TIMES. Three to four (or sometimes more) times a year, Stephen schedules Open Call-In Hours ONLY for Silver Members, making it substantially easier and more convenient for you to have ‘one-on-one’ access to him personally and ask him your specific marketing questions.
  5. You also receive Stephen Beck’s 7-Part Mini-Series to Starting Your Own Online Business. A step-by-step guide to starting and growing your very own online business.

After your free 2 months, dues are only $37 monthly ($47 for international orders) charged automatically to your credit card.

You may cancel any time with no obligation whatsoever and still keep all the past months’ FamilyEbiz Silver Level Membership Audio CD’s, Marketing Hot Sheets and Newsletters you’ve received!

Bonus Total Value $752
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You Are Fully Protected By My
100% Money-Back Guarantee!I really want you to be 100% satisfied with Secrets to Online Auction Success, and I’m completely confident you will.
So let me remove any doubt from your mind…
Claim your copy today.And if you are not thoroughly convinced that
Secrets To Online Auction Success is worth every single penny you paid, just let me know before one year has expired and
I will refund 100% of your money.Don’t worry because I am taking all the risk myself.


These are given to a limited number of buyers, based on when you claim your copy of Secrets to Online Auction Success.  Take  a look and see what you can receive…if you act quickly & decisively!

Bonus #4: FamilyEbiz Preview Calls with Resell Rights -  These are the calls we conduct right before our Expo to promote our event. As you can see by our speaker list above, this will be a CD you don’t want to miss….YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SELL THESE ON eBay!  (Value $197)
Bonus #5: Pubic Domain:  Turn Ideas into Profits -  Quit Stealing images off the Internet! It could come back to BITE you!  Use these graphics and images to dress up your website, attract more visitors and get more sales! (Value $37)

Why should you buy this course?
Couldn’t you just figure it out on your own?

Yes, you can figure out eBay on your own. But if you are like most people I know, you will not stick with it. Or, you’ll put up a few auctions that won’t sell and give up.

Successful eBayers have studied under the guidance of other successful eBayers. If you use my proven systems for growing a profitable eBay business, you will save mega-hours in the long run. Using my eBay system, you won’t have to learn by trial & error how to put up good photos, how to write a description or title that sells, how to charge your bidders for your eBay fees. You get the picture.

You can either spend months learning just the basics of eBay or you can get your own copy of Secrets to Online Auction Success to jump-start your profits on eBay the first month.  Click Here To Order Now

Let’s Review…
What Do YOU Get With
Secrets to Online Auction Success?
4 Video Tutorials -
Everything from A to Z tutorial
4 Audio CD’s
Kerry Beck’s 9 Secrets to eBay Success
Ray Edward’s
Craig Perrine’s
Kerry Beck’s Teach Your Kids to eBay and Watch Them Become Young Entrepreneurs
Stephen Beck’s Blog Tutorial Video - Set up your blog to stay connected with your eBay customers
Assignment Book - Weekly assignments to keep you on track!!!
Resource Guide - Cheat sheets, Templates, Sample emails, Lists of Description Words & Phrases, My Rolodex (All My Sources), and more lists, lists, lists
Learn From My Mistakes - Discover the right way to eBay by avoiding common mistakes eBay sellers make.
9 Secrets to eBay Success - Transcription & Power Point Notes
PLUS, all of these FREE bonuses:
Time Management Ebook Set  - Time Management and Procrastination Helps to keep you on track
2 Audio Mp3s - Is eBay Right for You? and Listing on eBay: Free Quick & Easy
eBay Listing Template - Follow my template and improve your sales
1600 Clip Art Graphics  – Digital graphics to use on your auctions
Free One-on-One Strategy Consultation - 60 minutes of help whenever you need it
Online Newsletter ‘eBay Secrets’

2 months FREE in our FamilyEbiz Silver Membership

The total value of this package is $891, but you can snatch your own copy for $397.
A Low Price for You so we have Less Inventory to Count!!!

Plus you get all the free bonuses (valued at $752) for the same price.  That’s $1485 of videos, audios, books and helps for a very low price.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Click Here To Order Now

If you are unsure about spending $397 ($247) on my eBay system, I understand.  Let me tell you a short story.  When I first started on eBay, I  paid $400 for 1/10 of the information I share with you and I made my money back in 3-4 weeks (and so can you)! After that time, I started making a profit. My students who follow my eBay system have a similar experience, making back their investment within a month or two.

I want to make this course affordable because it represents a way to financial freedom. It represents a way that families can begin to take more control over their lives.

And it represents a way to generate an income that will last a lifetime.

I’m sure you now see the advantage you will gain, as well as the freedom you deserve, when you get your own copy of Secrets To Online Auction Success.  You can pay through our secure website with a credit card or through Paypal. It’s your choice, whichever is more comfortable to you. As soon as you reserve your copy and your order is processed, you will receive your digital bonus items.

If you don’t take action now, when will you gain the financial freedom you so dearly desire? It takes a small act now to gain in the long run. What’s stopping you?

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