Start Book Club Starts Today

Our first online book club starts today. We’ll cover the 1st chapter of the book. If you copy hasn’t arrived, you can download the first chapter for free right here:  The Start Book

jon acuff start book from How to Homeschool My

If you still need to get a copy, here’s a link to Amazon.

Let’s get on to the questions…Feel free to post your response as a comment on this post. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

1. What stood out the most as you read this first chapter that introduces the Start book?

2. Jon relays a story about his girls thinking they have lots of imagination & they are awesome. How can we encourage our kids to continue thinking they are awesome?

3. How can we help our teens to realize the statements below? (Teen & Adult question)

    • Retirement is dead
    • Hope is boss
    • Anyone can play

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