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In the 24-Hour Traffic Plan Video, I Show You
13 Steps To Getting Traffic Immediately…

 But How Would You Like A


On Each Of Those 13 Steps?


Learn By Actually Seeing!

You are getting my 24-Hour Traffic Plan Video and that will put you light years ahead of most people trying to get ranked in the search engines. But how would you like to see a detailed step-by-step video for each and every step?

We’re talking hands-on training here…

The hands on training allows you to actually see me implementing my special traffic generation strategies right before your eyes! There will be no guessing at all as you will see exactly what I am doing right in front of you!

This is truly a complete training of online traffic generation sources just for you. These are the tried and proven techniques that I have been using to quietly drive thousands of visitors to my own sites and my client’s websites. By teaching you to leverage these traffic sources with this innovative way of online marketing, I will be empowering your business to reach new heights with your online marketing, and the best part is that you can take what we teach you and use it over and over and over again!

These methods are powerful in themselves, but when you combine them together, they synergistically work to help you dominate your niches and help bring your business message to exponentially more places online.

So What’s Included In This Training?

Below I have included a list of everything you will get so you can start potentially seeing huge amounts of traffic to your website, and an increase in your income!

Extreme SEO Training: Learn how to do SEO like a seasoned professional with this in depth SEO training module.

 Ultimate Article Marketing Training: You will discover some ultimate new strategies for leveraging the power of article marketing for more traffic sales and leads. This training is over 1 hour going over the article marketing process.

 Press Release Marketing: Discover the ins and outs of using press releases to get massive traffic for your business, and learn how this method can send you traffic in less than 24 hours.

 Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0 Properties: Discover how to leverage social bookmarking and Web 2.0 properties for a serious influx of traffic.

 Video Marketing Methods: Learn why video marketing can seriously increase the amount of targeted traffic you get to your online business.

 Online Software Marketing: This strategy will blow your mind and open your eyes to new, creative ways to generate traffic and increase your search engine rankings.

 More Web 2.0 Properties: In this special course you will discover more Web 2.0 properties that you can leverage for more traffic and higher search engine rankings.

 Fortune 500 Link Building Strategies: Learn how to do backlinking so you can compete in the search engine rankings with even top Fortune 500 companies with little to no advertising budget at all.

 Profit From Your New Knowledge: During this powerful video you are going to learn so much about traffic generation that you could literally take away everything you have learned and offer to do a service for local businesses. You can charge several hundred to a few thousand dollars for this work! We will show you how to turn our knowledge into your very own side business so you can capitalize on a hot trend!

Plus ….You get the PDF Workbooks!!!

You will also be granted the PDF workbooks that include the main points for fast and easy reference as you go through the training.

Imagine How Much Content I Will Give You In Just this Course!

In the 24-Hour Traffic Plan Video, I gave tons of content. But I only had about an hour to share so I couldn’t cover everything, but even so I had people saying great things about the content that was presented. Just imagine if I gave people this much information on the 24-Hour Traffic Plan Video, what would I give to those that can spend over
12 hours with me inside this training?

Read below to see what others said about the EXACT training you will receive in this course….

“Paul Counts and Count On Us PR did fantastic link building work for us. They are great!”Corey Pierce  President & CEO
“Paul Counts uses innovativeto increase rankings in the search engines. They can change your business forever.”Steve Danzig  Business Owner, Business Consultant
“Paul has got our page positions in the # 1 and 2 spots for many main keyword phrases. I highly recommend them for any of your SEO/Internet solutions.”Gary Stephens   President & CEO
“You are the best. Thanks for your good work. We will have a lot of work for you. You are very bright.”Bill McClure
“This man delivers the goods when it comes to his SEO training. He offered us here at the Illuminate Conference so much content that I couldn’t keep up with the information. If you want to make a difference in your life and you want to change your future, than I recommend you get SEO training from Paul Counts.”Deremiah *CPE   Nightingale Conant’s International Acres of Diamonds Award Winning Speaker
“Paul Counts and Count On Us PR made a short professional video that showcased one of our homes. The video shot up in the Google rankings in a matter of days and drew many people to our main website. This is a GENIOUS marketing strategy!”Brett McKee
Home Builder, Stillwater, Oklahoma
“When I created my Layoff Your Boss 2 course and needed someone that I could trust to teach Search Engine Optimization to my customers…I knew I would not have to look far. I knew you would be the person that would not only deliver the best content, but that you would care enough about my customers as if they were your own.Every time you did a webinar teaching your amazing SEO knowledge…my inbox would be flooded the next day asking when I would be inviting you back. They could sense your honesty, integrity, expertise, and excitement that you express every time you present. And each time you presented it was in a way that total beginners could understand, follow and actually be able to easily implement themselves.I don’t know how many times I have seen you implement just a couple of your SEO tactics and find that just a couple hours later you were on the first page of Google, and many times ahead of the guy who actually launched the product, including mine!Your SEO consulting that you have provided me has increased my profits and increased my visibility tremendous in the search engines. Thanks Paul!”Jeff Wellman


You Now Know What it Takes to Get Traffic.
And You Are in Control of the Decision to Move Forward.

You too can achieve results like you see above. Isn’t it time you take action before your competition does? These tactics you discover are powerful ways to generate an avalanche of online exposure.

So, What Does It All Cost?
A lot less than you might think!
This one-of-a-kind training has so many features to it that we could have easily charged $1,000 or more for this same package. Most businesses spend that kind of money for a fraction of this kind of support. But you will be getting the powerful training mentioned above for only $297.
That’s right! For only $297, you’re going to be on your way to dominating your competition like never before. It’s time you took action and made a difference in your business today. And you even get a PDF workbook with every lesson that includes the main points for fast and easy reference as you go through the training!
My “I’ll Buy It Back” Guarantee!If you are not happy with the “Step-By-Step Traffic Training Tutorial” Course for any reason, tell me within 30 days and I’ll buy it back from you for every penny you paid.We guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that you will come away with more knowledge than when you started with us on driving traffic and if you implement the methods we share, you will see an increase in your online exposure and traffic.
You will have a full 30 days to decide if this training is for you! You owe it to your business to take action today!

Remember, You Get It All…Only $297


Extreme SEO Training
 Ultimate Article Marketing Training
 Press Release Marketing
 Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0 Properties
 Video Marketing Methods
 Online Software Marketing
 More Web 2.0 Properties
 Fortune 500 Link Building Strategies
 Profit From Your New Knowledge – Become a Local SEO Expert!
*** Plus ….You get the PDF Workbooks!!!

These are STEP-BY-STEP Tutorials of everything
I show you in the 24-Hour Traffic Plan Video!

Traffic Videos Price   $297


*I understand that nothing will be shipped to me. The STEP-BY-STEP Traffic Video Tutorials and Workbooks are available online and accessible immediately after I click on the button above!




Stephen Beck

PS…Remember, these are the EXACT VIDEOS my virtual assistant follows to get my #1 rankings in Google for a variety of keywords in many different niches. Thousands of people visit my sites every month …and that gives me a great online income!

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