What Can You Learn from Coke to Increase Your Bottom Line?

As many of you know, we attend live events regularly.  We love live events because we make fantastic contacts and come back rejuvinated about our business.  Over the next few weeks, we’d like to share some strategies from some of those events.

This first strategy will definitely increase your bottom line.  But…you need to watch this FUN video to understand what we will share today.

Are you smiling yet?

I saw this video a few months ago and I still LOVE it.

How can you use this concept in your business?

What are you doing to make your clients smile?

This reminds me of the concept of surprise and overdelivery.  When your client buys a product, do you overdeliver on your promise.  One thing we will be doing on upcoming promotions is holding back an ebook, special report or software item.  We plan to surprise our clients with freebies to their original purchase.

In the past, we’ve often called our clients when they make a sizeable purchase.  We say thanks and answer any questions our clients may have.  After attending Armand Live, we plan to start making those “thank you” calls again.  When’s the last time someone called you after you made an online purchase?

When my clients buy one of my ebook packages, I almost always have a surprise bonus.  Everyone LOVES surprises, including me.  And surprises make you SMILE.

What will you be doing to surprise your clients & customers?  How will you overdeliver?

Kerry Beck

ps. What did you think of the video?

pps.  On Sunday night, our $1 per business cd sale.  Watch your email for details.  You won’t believe what we’re doing in this sale!

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