Where has Stephen Beck been?

That’s a good question…where have I been?

Some of you have noticed that I have been MIA and we will share our story of what has happened these past couple years. Check this blog over the next few weeks.

I’m also going to have Kerry (my wife) share some strategies she’s been using with social media. Watch this blog for all the updates.

Until we get those posts written, I want to share a book that Kerry recently read. The author is Jon Acuff, Dave Ramsey’s assistant. Kerry received a galley proof copy of his upcoming book, Start.

She’s working on a review of the book, but we didn’t want you to miss the $250 of freebies that Jon has for you. Click on the image above to grab your freebies

Click here to read more about Jon’s excellent book & grab his pre-order specials. Although this might look like an affiliate link, we do not make any money from your order.

This book is so good, we want to recommend it to you whether or not we make money.

You’ll discover:

  • how to punch fear in the face
  • how to escape average
  • how to do amazing work

I would appreciate you using the link above for 2 reasons.

  1. Kerry gets to eat dinner with Jon Acuff & Dave Ramsey if she gets the most people to click on this link. Would you help her? All you have to do is click here (no purchase necessary to help Kerry)
  2. Kerry is considering hosting an online book club. She would discuss 1 chapter each week, as it relates to parents, working at home/online & preparing your kids to move from average to awesome.

If enough of you click here, she might be able to have Jon Acuff as a guest at her book club.

Thanks for your support…and watch my blog for our story & strategies for success.


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